With his announcement Monday that he plans to seek his party's nomination for the presidency, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) might be setting up a rematch two decades in the making.

The year 1996 was a big one for Rubio. It was the year he graduated from the University of Miami School of Law (leaving him with massive student loan debt that he only recently paid off). And it was the year that he took a job on the presidential campaign of former Kansas senator Bob Dole, in which he worked unsuccessfully to unseat the sitting president, one William Jefferson Clinton.

Don't believe us? We have the picture to prove it.

In the picture, Rubio appears to be undertaking one of the less exciting campaign jobs: making signs for an event. (Sorry if we dashed your dreams by revealing that such signs are not always the spontaneous product of enthusiastic supporters.) "Stop lying to America," the sign he's working on reads, with another beneath it, reading something like "tell the truth."

What, exactly, Clinton was being asked to tell the truth about is lost to history. But part of the beauty of the sign is its universality. One can easily picture protesters rolling up to a Hillary Clinton event, waving the same sign with the same weird, dotted "i."

Not to mention the sign draped over the ... upside-down garbage can (?) in the background. "Clinton AWOL on ..." something, it reads. For an ambitious Rubio supporter in 2016, feel free to fill in the blank.