On Monday, graphic designer Rick Wolff created a typeface he calls "Hillary Bold" or "Hillvetica." It uses the same (weird) look and feel of the logo from the Hillary Clinton campaign for president, which became (in)famous shortly after her campaign went public on Sunday.

In short order, people started applying the lettering to other phrases. The Post's own Chris Ingraham made this tribute to one of Clinton's competitors:

But why should people with a rudimentary ability to use Photoshop like Ingraham have all the fun? We reached out to Wolff, who was kind enough to let us use his typeface (plus a few extra characters) for a little tool that will allow you -- yes, you! -- to make your own Hillary Clinton-style campaign slogan. Wolff, by the way, is raising money so that he can release it as an actual font, so go check that out if you care to help.

In the meantime, here's the next best thing: We're still playing with the kerning on it (that is, the spacing between letters), so don't get too mad just yet. Just have fun. And, don't worry, someone already did "BENGHAZI."