The most interesting number in this new Bloomberg poll: Hillary Rodham Clinton's image rating is now on a par with another well-known Democratic 2016 contender -- Vice President Biden.

The poll shows 48 percent of American adults view Clinton favorably, compared to 44 percent who view her unfavorably. (As we've noted before, Clinton's declining image was pretty predictable; it has happened whenever she has been a national political figure.)

But it's all the more noteworthy when you consider that the man nobody expects to beat Clinton in the Democratic primaries -- the vice president -- has very similar numbers. Forty-six percent of people view Biden favorably, compared to 42 percent unfavorably.

Partially this is because of Clinton's numbers continuing to slide, but it's also because this is Biden's best poll in a long time.

Why have his numbers improved? Your guess is as good as ours. Here's his trendline:

That doesn't mean, of course, that Biden can actually give Clinton a run for her money if he were to run. There are all kinds of factors here -- not least of which is that plenty of people who otherwise like Biden don't really see him as being presidential -- but it does put Clinton's declining numbers in context.

Before all you Republicans get all excited, though, consider this: Both Clinton and Biden still have better image numbers than any Republican tested. In fact, only one Republican has a higher favorable than unfavorable rating. That's Rand Paul, at a sterling 32/31.

More than anything, this should serve as a reminder that we're all bound to hate our choices for president. And the best thing for someone to do if they want to be liked is to not run.

At least so far, that seems to be helping Uncle Joe.