This is what Hillary Clinton's first official event as a 2016 presidential candidate -- billed as an intimate roundtable discussion at a community college in Iowa -- looked like.

So, yeah.  Count the participants, including the "crowd" watching the discussion. Now, count the media types.  Notice anything? Yup. There are more of the latter than the former. And, I'll bet if you could see a full panorama of the scene, it wouldn't even be close.

The picture typifies the basic contradiction that sits at the heart of Clinton's effort to "go small" in this campaign, avoiding the sort of big events and big speeches that led many people to conclude she was out of touch and aloof when she ran in 2008. As I noted in this space earlier this week:

"Going small" is as hard for Clinton to do as it would be for Taylor Swift.  Let's say, for example, that T-Swift just wanted to play a few intimate gigs for her most loyal fans with no publicity.  No matter what she did to keep it small, word would leak out that Taylor Swift was playing at some hole in the wall club in fill-in-the-blank town. A mob scene -- fans, media, assorted gawkers -- would immediately assemble. Intimacy gone.

Kind of the vibe you get from the picture above, right? Just an intimate conversation with dozens of cameras pointed at you. What could be more normal?