Doug Hughes, a 61-year-old Florida man who told the Tampa Bay Times he would fly his gyrocopter and land it on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol to deliver letters to members of Congress, has a Web site where he talks about the need to reduce the influence of money in politics.

"The point of the flight is to spotlight corruption in DC and more importantly, to present the solution(s) to the institutional graft," it says on, a Web site listed at the bottom of the letter he was to deliver to the Capitol. "I have no violent inclinations or intent. An ultralight aircraft poses no major physical threat ... there's no need to worry, I'm just delivering the mail."

A man who did precisely what Hughes was planning was detained early Wednesday afternoon, though it is not yet clear that the man was Hughes.

The Web site includes a section about Hughes, sections outlining what reforms he believes need to be made, and a number for the White House he asked viewers to call to tell them about his message.

Hughes said on his site that he sent an email to saying that he wasn't a threat and shooting him down would "be a bigger headache than letting me deliver these letters to Congress."

A live feed was also embedded on the site under "Live Flight." It is listed as off air and on a blog page written by "Tampadoug47" dated September 16, 2013.

It also includes links to a number of sites including Wolf PAC, which calls for a reversal of Citizens United, and Represent.US, which advocates passing an anti-corruption act.

In a section about the President Obama, Hughes wrote the focus should be on fixing a dysfunctional and hyper-partisan Congress rather than the executive branch.

"There's plenty of people who think all evil in Washington comes from the Executive Branch of government," he wrote. "Not surprisingly, most of those people today are republicans. Of course, if you go back 12 years, democrats believed that the Executive branch had become the extension of Hades."

He said he understands "frustration that some voters have" with the executive branch, but "there's a constitutional mechanism for dealing with excesses" of the president, "but you need you need a healthy Congress for the process to work."

Hughes hopes the result of the flight is that it will "change the narrative" about voters and the government, and convince every Congressional candidate in 2016 to "take a stand on corruption."

He said that other efforts to reform money in politics lacked media coverage, but also asked those involved in media and politics to not focus on him. "Let's keep the discussion focused on reform -- not me," he wrote.

So much for that.