Meet Macey Hensley, a walking encyclopedia of presidential trivia.  Also, she's 5.

Macey -- thanks to this appearance on "The Ellen Show" in February -- got a chance to tour the White House. Among the pearls of wisdom she dropped:

* "At Andrew Jackson's funeral, his parrot was saying bad words."

* "Want to know something about Chester Arthur? He had 70 pairs of pants!"

* "That's William Taft. He got stuck in the bathtub -- because he was so fat."

* Her favorite president is Zachary Taylor "because he wore blue, and blue is my favorite color." (Hard to argue.)

Hensley began learning about presidents when she was 4 after "someone" bought her flash cards with facts about the 43 men who have held the office. She also made up a song to remember all of their names, which is super cute and you should listen to it. (It starts about the 1:20 mark of the video below.)

Macey harbors presidential ambitions of her own. She'd like to be president "so I can eat all of the candy I want," she told Ellen. So true.  Also, she wants people to wait to put a woman on the $20 bill -- so that it can be her.

The best part of Macey's White House tour? When she goes to Vice President Joe Biden's office, sits in his chair and accidentally crashes it into the desk behind her.