Part five in a series: Your online guide to the presidential candidates. Each time someone decides to run, we'll do something similar, helping you navigate the online world around each candidate.

(Part 1: Ted Cruz. Part 2: Rand Paul. Part 3: Hillary Clinton. Part 4: Marco Rubio.)

The basics

Full name: Bernard Sanders

Top Google hits for searches for "Bernie Sanders":
- Bernie Sanders - Wikipedia

Google autofill for his name:

Sanders's net worth is about $460,000 -- pretty low for a senator but probably not bad for a socialist, which Sanders is. A large part of that income is from rental property.

Google autofill for his name plus "is":

Those are Google results any person would be proud of.

Campaign Web site:

As befits a senator from Vermont, his campaign logo is this delightfully Ben-and-Jerry's-circa-1985 concoction:

But honestly, wouldn't this logo -- which I made -- have been slightly better?

Back in 2004, was less complimentary, focusing on a perceived hostility to small businesses.

"When it comes to Vermont where has Bernie been ?" it reads at the bottom, just above a very-2003 visitor counter. "Where is my job Bernie ol boy???"

Sanders's actual Web site was the devoted to his position as a member of the House of Representatives. In March 2004, it was revamped, and his staff put out a press release urging people to "sign up for the Bernie Buzz."

Key online reads:
- "The Socialist Senator"

When I first met Sanders in person on Church Street, there were big streaks of dried mud on his shoes and dried blood on his neck from what looked to be a shaving mishap. His hair flew every which way in a gust of wind. At six feet tall, he is wiry, but he walks with shoulders hunched and elbows out, like a big, skulking bird. From a distance, he looked as if he could be homeless.

First Wikipedia entry date: November 9, 2003

First Wikipedia entry:
It's a pretty generic first-draft look at a politician.

Sanders was born in New York, and educated at Brooklyn College and the University of Chicago. He settled in Vermont in 1964. He was a member of and a candidate for the Liberty Union Party in the 1970s, but resigned in 1977.
Sanders is now a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, an organisation descended from the old American Socialist Party, but not itself a political party. He contests elections as an independent.

Etc. Its author appears not to be a big fan:

A left-wing writer, Ron Jacobs of CounterPunch, wrote in March 2003: "It is time the rest of the country wakes up to this truth: Sanders is not a socialist and is not that progressive, especially when it comes to matters of war and peace."

First Wikipedia addition: Beyond a few clean-up edits, the first big rewrite was in May 2004. Its author was a fan, adding that Sanders was "the son of a Polish emigrant" and changing:

"Although Sanders is a self-declared socialist, there is little about his politics today to distinguish him from liberal Democrats. He endorsed President Bill Clinton ..."


"A practical political leader, Sanders endorsed President Bill Clinton..."

Social media

On Twitter: @sensanders

There was also a @friendsofbernie account, but it has been suspended for some reason.

Follower/following ratio: 160 followers for every one followed

First tweet:

Most popular tweet, per Favstar:

His favorite tweet of the last 24 hours:

Bernie Sanders is clearly a strong adherent to the photo-plus-quote school of social media usage.

First mention of Sanders on Twitter:

Let's step aside for a second to note that, so far, the results of this exploration have not been nearly as interesting as we might have hoped. The third tweet to mention Sanders is this one; it's about as interesting as we're going to get.

On Facebook: /SenatorSanders
Likes: 981,000

Excluding his adding some photos and creating an event, it's this one.

That's not cut off and there is no way to view the rest of the post. It just ends, "We must cap credit card interest ra," which I think everyone can agree with.

First image on Facebook:

Sanders is the rare elected official who doesn't care about posting flattering photos of himself. Which makes the next category a hotly contested one.

Best image on Facebook:

Best juxtaposition on his Facebook images page:

On YouTube: SenatorSanders

Subscribers: 26,773
Most popular video:

Best Bernie video on YouTube that is unrelated to Bernie Sanders:

One of the only videos on his account that isn't from cable news, a speech, or the floor of the Senate:

I say in all sincerity that I like how they didn't edit out the Turner and Hooch question that followed.

Best music video related to Sanders:

Unlike many of the 2016 candidates, Sanders hasn't inspired painful, awkward musical tributes. So, instead, we give you the man himself, rap-singing.

On Tumblr: SenatorSanders

Sanders hasn't posted on Tumblr since 2011. The first of its half-dozen posts is a question to the audience:

After reckless and illegal behavior on Wall Street caused a financial collapse that sent the economy into a tailspin, jobs have become scarce and wages have fallen. The lack of good-paying jobs compounds the financial problems faced by students, who are often graduating college with tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Give Sen. Sanders you input.

Only one person offered input. It was: "Good to find you! I look forward to reading your latest , best!"


Google image search results:

Rating: Not embarrassing, in part because Bernie Sanders is not easily embarrassed.

Key GIFs from Giphy:

Rating: Step up your GIF game, Bernie.

During a news conference on April 30, 2015, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) spoke about his agenda for the U.S. He also answered questions about how he would campaign against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. (AP)