Part eight (!) in a series: Your online guide to the presidential candidates. Each time someone decides to run, we'll do something similar, helping you navigate the online world around each candidate.

(Part 1: Ted Cruz. Part 2: Rand Paul. Part 3: Hillary Clinton. Part 4: Marco Rubio. Part 5: Bernie Sanders. Part 6: Carly Fiorina. Part 7: Ben Carson.)

The basics

Full name: Michael Dale Huckabee


Top Google hits for searches for "Mike Huckabee":
- Mike Huckabee for President
- Mike Huckabee — Wikipedia
- Mike Huckabee on Facebook

Google autofill for his name:

Mike Huckabee Beyoncé is not Huckabee's real name (see above), though that would certainly bolster his chances next fall. (If not next Spring.) The Beyoncé searches are the result of his rather weird attack on Sean Carter and wife in his recent book. "Does it occur to him," Huckabee wrote, referring to Jay Z, "that he is arguably crossing the line from husband to pimp by exploiting his wife as a sex object?" And the answer is: No. Or perhaps: What?

Google autofill for his name plus "is":

No searches wonder for more details on Huckabee. Maybe because people can guess the answer to, "Mike Huckabee is a fan of what type of music?"

Campaign Web site:

Here's what we know about Mike Huckabee's campaign website: It was not ready for primetime. About an hour after his kickoff, this is what visitors to the site saw.

This is probably not an esoteric inside joke about the modern presidency, in case you were wondering.

As with many other candidates, Mike Huckabee was not the original owner of It seems as though politicians who've been in the game a while were often slower than their opponents to buy domains associated with their names. And so, in 2002, while Huck was still governor of Arkansas, visitors to his eponymous website saw this:

In the middle of 2007, Huckabee regained control of the domain, and used it for his 2008 bid. If you can't load the current version, you can go check that one out. It probably hasn't changed much.

Key online reads:
- "Huckabee?"
- "Two minutes that show Mike Huckabee’s great promise as a presidential candidate"
- "Mike Huckabee Likes Romney. Really."

"Politics has become unbelievably and unfortunately way too much about how much money is involved rather than what kind of ideas are involved. That’s another reason why I felt that it was going to be very tough for me to run."


First Wikipedia entry date: August 21, 2003

First Wikipedia entry:

It's a long one, filed by a now-inactive user named Ark30inf. It begins: "Mike Huckabee was born on 24 August 1955 in Hope, Arkansas. Huckabee was elected Governor of Arkansas Boys State in 1972." Once a governor, always a governor.

First Wikipedia addition: Three minutes later, Ark30Inf added, "The press has also questioned Huckabee on gifts he received while Governor and an instance of alleged influence over a political programming decision at the state's public television system."

Social media

On Twitter: @govmikehuckabee

Follower/following ratio: 757 followers for every one followed

Somehow, Mike Huckabee didn't manage to secure @MikeHuckabee, which is owned by "B Mullen." Mike Huckabee is 0-for-2 on securing his digital identities! @MikeHuckabee hasn't tweeted yet and is really missing a good opportunity.

First tweet from Huckabee:


Most popular tweet, per Favstar:

So, again, if you can't get to Huckabee's website, this probably answers a question or two.

First mention of Huck on Twitter:

This is a baffling tweet.

This person has 25 tweets, none later than April of 2007. Her last two tweets were about a gunman "on campus," and then a tweet explaining that the gunman tweet should be disregarded? But oddest of all, this person has an updated MySpace page! Who has that?!

On Facebook: /mikehuckabee
Likes: 1.7 million, the highest yet. (Yesterday, Ben Carson's 1.2 was the highest.)

Oldest post:

We'll save you the hassle of Googling.

(It's pretty good!)

First image on Facebook:

That is either a very big flag or a very small Mike Huckabee.

Best image on Facebook:

Those were not chocolate.

Best fake "Peanuts" cartoon:

"2 people like this."

On YouTube: None

There are a number of Huckabee related accounts, but the candidate himself doesn't seem to have one.

Most popular video:

Huckabee and Ted Nugent playing some "Cat Scratch Fever" on Huckabee's now-ended talk show. It's sort of amusing that Nugent is basically a one-hit wonder, isn't it?

Best music video related to Huckabee:

The Jay-Z-like beat on this probably makes Huckabee uncomfortable. But, actually? As far as total garbage tribute songs go, this one is ... pretty good. It is better than Nugent.

On Tumblr:

There are two posts. This is the better one.

Valentine's Day!


Google image search results:

Rating: Hand gestures, ties, and varying body shapes.

Key GIFs from Giphy:

Rating: Top tier.