Look, I get it. You have Ja Rule — the Ja Rule — in your television studio. He's there to promote his credit-cards-for millennials-venture, sure sure, but you gotta seize this opportunity: What does this man think of 2016.

Do you guys think I'm making this up? Evidence:

Note how Fox Business has pitched this as an exclusive. And you know what? They are right. No one else has asked Ja Rule for his on-the-record 2016 take. Given how long of a campaign season this has already shaped up to be, I personally welcome more, not less, Ja takes.

Ja Rule's appearance on Fox Business reminded the Internet of Dave Chappelle's now classic stand-up routine (warning: explicit language!) about Ja Rule being asked to comment on terrorist attacks. "I don’t want to dance. I’m scared to death," Chappelle quipped. "I want some answers that Ja Rule might not have right now."

Okay, back to Ja Rule's political analysis. This is his outlook: "I like Hillary, but you know, it's crazy because I also think Jeb is a good candidate as well." It is crazy!

Ja Rule finally confesses, "I'm a Democrat, so I would vote Hillary." Hm, not all that enthusiastic about a Clinton ticket, are you, Ja?

To be fair, after Ja Rule promoted his new business, he was also asked about the unrest in Baltimore before being quite gracious in entertaining the 2016 question.

So next time you ask yourself, "Where's Ja?" try Fox Business.