White House photographer Pete Souza created an alphabetical list of his favorite photos of President Obama from each of the 50 states. Alphabetical lists have their place, but here is not one of them. So The Fix, instead, ranked them from worst photo to best photo.

The criteria The Fix used included aesthetics, charm, historic significance and human subjectivity. So we feel confident declaring our ranking to be fully objective.

This ranking is incomplete, though, since Obama has not yet visited South Dakota. We will update this post when Souza updates his list, putting the state in its proper place. Since Souza will have fewer photos from South Dakota to work with (as he did Idaho and Utah, which he only recently visited), we expect the photo to fare poorly. Your work is cut out for you, Souza!

The worst

49. Utah. It's a bit boring. Solar panels?
48. Montana
47. Mississippi. This is literally a photo of a meeting.
46. Nebraska
45. Vermont
44. Kansas
43. Hawaii
42. New York
41. Wisconsin
40. Alaska
39. Pennsylvania
38. Louisiana
37. North Carolina
36. Kentucky
35. Illinois. Touristy.
34. Arkansas
33. North Dakota
32. Colorado
31. West Virginia
30. Idaho. No idea how a selfie photo made it this high in the rankings. But, again: objective.
29. Wyoming
28. Tennessee
27. Maryland
26. Virginia
25. Maine
24. Alabama
23. Rhode Island
22. Ohio
21. Washington
20. Minnesota
19. Missouri
18. Arizona
17. Oregon
16. New Mexico
15. California
14. New Jersey
13. Delaware
12. Oklahoma
11. Georgia
10. South Carolina
9. New Hampshire
8. Michigan
7. Texas. Do you think Obama has ever worn those boots again? Vote in our poll.
6. Connecticut
5. Massachusetts
4. Florida
3. Nevada
2. Iowa. The Platonic ideal of a presidential campaign stop.
1. Indiana. Obama's expression.

The best

Thank you for your attention.