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Comparing the Clintons: Bill seen as a stronger leader, Hillary as more honest

There's an interesting bit of data buried in the Bloomberg/St. Anselm University's poll of voters in New Hampshire. The pollsters asked state residents for their opinions of the Clintons -- both Clintons -- on topics including empathy and trustworthiness.

We created the chart below to visualize how the Clintons fared on each of the five questions.

Both Clintons did about the same when people were asked which was more empathetic. On the question of leadership, Bill Clinton did substantially better; on the question of trustworthiness, Hillary did. In terms of vision, Hillary had more support; on values, it was about even.

It's critical to note that Hillary Clinton suffers from being an actual candidate for office. Bill Clinton's "strong leader" marks probably stem in part from his enjoying fairly high favorability. Hillary's score in that regard liked dropped because she's now in the dicey position of being a candidate for office.

Likewise with her score on trustworthiness. More than half of respondents think neither Clinton is trustworthy, as Hillary's ratings nationally have dropped thanks to her candidacy (and her e-mail situation). Luckily, she'd have to drop pretty far to match her husband, whose willingness to misrepresent the truth can be confirmed by the nearest history book.

The Post reported Monday that Bill would stay off the campaign trail for 2015. There's a plus side to that. It could allow Bill Clinton to bank the goodwill he enjoys until it's needed next summer. And when he gets back on the stump and says, "I feel your pain," people in New Hampshire seem inclined to believe him.