Hillary Clinton hasn't always had the best relationship with Hollywood and celebrities; in 2008, many of them backed Obama. But more and more, they're lining up behind her for 2016.

Among the attendees at star-studded fundraising events for her in Manhattan on Wednesday, according to Bloomberg: Beyonce, Sharon Osbourne, Meghan Trainor, and fundraiser co-host L.A. Reid. There were also a lot of other people who are wealthy but whose names you don't read in People magazine.

Reid tweeted a photo of himself speaking next to Clinton.

And a Beyonce fan account tweeted a photo it said was of the singer at the fundraiser.

Wednesday's events follow a trickle of other Hollywood supporters who've come out for Clinton. A handful of celebrities voiced their support for her when she announced her candidacy, Mary-Kate and Ashley attended an April fundraiser, and some big-name Hollywood decision makers who were for Obama in 2008 have committed to her already.

There will eventually be more -- it's only May 2015 -- but there's no getting around the fact that there's less enthusiasm for her than there was for Obama. As one anonymous donor told Politico: "[T]here is such a lack of enthusiasm for Hillary, it's really kind of stunning." But Clinton might not need to be too concerned. She's leading in the polls over any potential Democratic threats by a wide margin, and although Hollywood might not be that stoked for her, they're starting to show up.

Reid summed it up in his tweet: "No need to be idealistic when you already know what works."

Entertainment industry Democrats might be lukewarm to Clinton now, but when it comes down to it, they'd rather have her over any of the possible Republican candidates. And until anyone looks like they can actually beat Clinton for the Democratic nomination -- someone like O'Malley -- the money and support will likely flow to the frontrunner.

If nothing else, the key for Clinton is making sure Hollywood doesn't get behind someone else -- building his or her profile and campaign coffers. In that sense, getting Beyonce is a pretty important step.