President Obama said Tuesday at Georgetown University that Fox News portrays the poor as moochers, people who are unwilling to work but want government handouts.

"They will find folks who make me mad," Obama said. "I don't know where they find them. They're like, 'I don't want to work, I just want a free Obamaphone,' or whatever, and that becomes an entire narrative."

Fox personalities disagreed with the accusation, but Jon Stewart set out to prove Obama's point Wednesday on "The Daily Show," airing clips of anchors, including some who disagreed with Obama's characterization of the network, talking about the "moocher class," "subsidized freeloaders," our "entitlement mentality," and people who are "lazy," "sponges," and "leeches."

"Are these glaring contradictions a product of a lack of self-awareness or cynicism or stupidity or evil? I don't know anymore," Stewart said.