Newt Gingrich has been many things in his life. House speaker. Presidential candidate. Moon-colonizing advocate. And he'll soon add Mashable tech blogger to his resume.

It started in 2013. Gingrich queried his followers about self-driving cars for one of his "Newt University" workshops.

What happened next would be the beginning of new possibilities and would open doors to Newt's career that weren't there before. It didn't happen immediately. It took years. But the seeds were planted. Alex Fitzpatrick, then a reporter for Mashable, tweeted he wanted Gingrich to review a self-driving car, and Gingrich responded.

The review never happened, but four months later, Mashable posted about Gingrich visiting a zoo while wearing Google Glass, and he retweeted it. It was a gentle reminder. A nudge. Hey, remember me? Remember that time you said you'd write a review for us?

In 2015, Gingrich visited Facebook and tried Oculus Rift, the virtual reality headset and loved it. "The implications for education and entertainment will be enormous," he wrote in a post on his Web site. Mashable again wrote about Newt's adventure in tech. The lede: "Newt Gingrich should be writing tech reviews." Gingrich again said that he would. But did he mean it this time?

Mashable tried to close the deal.

Desk? Done.

Assignment? Have your pick.

And it worked. Gingrich picked A, the Apple Watch.

So finally, after two years of flirting, Gingrich will review something for Mashable. Anything can happen if you believe. Follow your dreams.