Harry Shearer, the man who voices, among others, titan of industry C. Montgomery Burns, toady Mr. Smithers and noted left-handed human Ned Flanders on "The Simpsons" is leaving the show at the end of this season,  according to his Twitter feed.

Shearer is a political junkie -- he regularly writes and talk about this stuff -- and often brought politics into his characters on the show, most notably Mr. Burns.

In honor of Shearer leaving the show -- although, allegedly, 'Mr. Burns' will live on with someone else's voice -- I picked a handful of my favorite political moments starring the corporate giant everyone loved to hate. They're below.

(One note: This list is far from complete due to the woeful lack of good "Simpsons" clips on the web. I love you, Internet, but on this one you have let me down.)

* The time Monty endorsed Mitt Romney

* The time Monty ran for governor

* The time he explained the fiscal cliff and immigration reform 

* The time he debated Lisa Simpson on a bee referendum

* The time he fought the unions. (And, no, him negotiating directly with Homer Simpson is not on the Internet. FOR SHAME.)

 * The time he showed his philanthropic side