I have to assume that whoever posted the video from Hillary Clinton's day in New York City on Thursday knew what they were doing when they titled it "Hello Brooklyn." As in, "Hello Brooklyn," the C-side sub-track from the Beastie Boys' "Paul's Boutique" that achieved cult status for its driving bass line and intense intro.

The Clinton video is a bit less energetic.

You'd be forgiven if you were watching it and assumed it was a behind-the-scenes from some time when Clinton appeared on Sesame Street. About halfway through, though, you'd probably think, Where are the puppets?

The video, in the already-familiar, heavily edited-Clinton-being-a-beloved-regular-person genre, manages to pack several New York City tropes into its 57 seconds.

  • A stoop in front of a brownstone
  • A diverse (though heavily female) group of regular people
  • A plumbers' truck
  • A cab driver talking in an accent although the accent is not exactly the traditional New York accent and the cab is one of the apple-green "boro" cabs, not a traditional yellow one. (Bad casting, Team Hillary!)

It could certainly have used:

  • A bodega
  • A game of pick-up basketball
  • Some cops or firefighters
  • A car driving by, blaring music
  • A rat
  • A tourist buying a hot dog and biting into it with enthusiasm before experiencing the onset of nausea
  • Clinton and her entourage struggling to make their way around a group of people that decided the best place to have their conversation was immediately outside the doorway of the brunch place
  • A mustache

But the real problem here is that the intro promises to answer the question, "How do Brooklyn residents feel about their new neighbor?" By our count, there were about 60 people in the video who were not Clinton staff (look for the Huma Abedin cameo right at the beginning!) or Secret Service. The population of Brooklyn is 2.6 million, meaning that Clinton spoke to 0.002 percent of the borough. This is not an entirely representative sample.

Of course, Brooklyn will vote for Clinton anyway. That's the other thing here: If Clinton can't find 60 people that love her in one of the bluest zones in the United States, there's a bigger problem at play. Try this on the streets of Oklahoma City or Laramie and see how it goes.

And a tip to Clinton's communications team: Clinton should absolutely have walked out of whatever building that was, thrown her head back, and yelled, "Helllllllllllo Brooklyn!" The Beastie Boys were very popular, and there was a reason why.