It almost didn't happen.

When Ed Henry of Fox News interrupted Hillary Clinton's scheduled sit-down with Iowans on Tuesday to ask if she'd field questions, Clinton's response was not reassuring.

It's been nearly a month since former secretary of state and 2016 White House contender Hillary Clinton answered a question from reporters. At a panel discussion in Cedar Falls, Iowa, she responded when a journalist asked if she'd take questions. (C-SPAN)

"I might," she said to chuckles. "I have to ponder it. I will put it on my list for due consideration."

After that consideration, she agreed.

The questions and their quick responses touched on a number of subjects that have been swirling around the candidate, including about the income she received from her speaking engagements and the on-going controversy over her private e-mail system while Secretary of State. Our Robert Costa breaks down the questions and response.

By our count, from our Clinton clock, it had been 40,150 minutes -- nearly a full month -- since Clinton last answered a question from WMUR-TV in New Hampshire. But today, the clock has been reset.

Last question answered: May 22, 2015, 1:46 p.m. Clinton discusses the Islamic State with the Post's Robert Costa.

Previous questions:
- 4,410 minutes prior in Iowa.
- 40,150 minutes prior in New Hampshire.