Even when he's biting his tongue when asked about his nasty divorce proceedings, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) is pretty outspoken.

The Florida Democrat, who's currently mulling a run for Marco Rubio's Senate seat (even though national Democrats don't want him to), was brief when asked about his divorce with his estranged wife Lolita.

"I'll sum it up for you: Gold diggers gotta dig. that's all I got to say," he told WFTV -- a play on "haters gonna hate" (which, for the record, is one of the worst ways for politicians to reply to criticism).

Some backstory on the Grayson divorce: Lolita was accused of bigamy (being married to another man when she married Alan), Alan was accused of financial abandonment, both were accused of battery, and the trial was delayed in January because Lolita had emergency breast breast implant surgery. So, basically, the most Florida divorce ever.

And this is pretty par-for-course for Grayson, who in just the last few days engaged in a vulgar rant about a reporter.

As for the divorce: The two were close to an agreement to annul their marriage of 24 years, but as Grayson added, "We had an agreement, she's trying to renege."

Divorce is never fun, but this one sounds particularly ugly -- not the type of backdrop you want when launching a U.S. Senate campaign. Grayson, who worked in law before politics, could have said a lot more ("that's all I got to say"), but he had already said too much.

Lolita admitted to bigamy, she's gone through six lawyers, and even if she did end the agreement out of a play to get more money, calling your estranged wife a name isn't a good look for a potential future senator. In a situation like this, there's not much good that can come from adding even more insult and drama -- and that's not even mentioning the rather sexist implications involved.

When a reporter asked Lolita what she thought about being called a "gold digger," she laughed, and a man she was with (her attorney?) quickly told her "stop."

That's not just good legal advice; it's good political advice.