Fresh off a hurricane preparedness briefing in Miami, President Obama spent 30 minutes on his new Twitter account, ostensibly to take people's questions on climate change.

First one up: A question on climate change deniers in Congress (snowball, anyone?) ... from a guy with the Twitter handle @calebmegajew.

In a chat later with me, @calebmegajew was pretty pleased with the president's response.

Obama jumped next to a more controversial question about drilling in the Arctic. He got more than 30 questions about continued oil drilling there (and about a dozen more when you account for various spellings of "Arctic").

Right off the bat, @POTUS showed pretty good Twitter etiquette by signaling he planned to answer Benny in more than 140 characters. But he missed putting a period before @BigBennyFL's Twitter handle -- a trick that allows his response to Benny to show up to the rest of @POTUS's followers who don't also follow Benny.

Back on track, Mr. President.

Next up, a question about the Pope's recent comments about the importance of addressing climate change.

The president surprised some followers by taking a question next on his controversial trade deal with 11 other Pacific nations, which some are upset with in part because Congress can only review the trade deal after it's inked and give an up or down vote. Obama gets pretty offended when folks in Congress say the trade deal's secret -- hence a rare exclamation point. Again, good Twitter etiquette with the 1/.

Obama lapsed a bit here by switching the period and the @ in his second reply.

Maybe he was typing fast. As The Fix's Hunter Schwartz noted, hundreds of questions were zooming into #ASKPOTUS every second or so.

This being a chat on climate change, Obama then took a question on the Cleveland Cavaliers' season.

Nathen was pretty stoked the president actually answered him.

Back to climate.

@ZCarlander's reaction to being a mini Twitter star:

And back to trade.

This next user used climate change to segue into a topic Obama apparently also wanted to talk about.

James appreciated his answer but would have liked to have a longer chat.

Then question on wind farms and the like, a major tenet of Obama's environmental policy.

Obama's answer to this question: Focus on the polar bears.

In a private twitter chat with me, Ariana said she agreed with the president: "There's only so much you can say in 140 characters but he's right. It's in our nature as people to care about our surroundings. It'd be great if more teachers put the topic of climate change in their lesson plans."

Obama took yet another question focused on Asia:

But apparently his aides had a hard time keeping him on-message. He jumped at another basketball question. Starting off the tweet with "The climate is great" apparently got his attention.

And we'll end on the Chicago Bulls firing their coach. Obama's a busy man, after all.

As a post script, we'd like to share some honorable questions from the thousands submitted we wished Obama had answered:

Maybe next time, Twitterers.