Part 10 in a series: Your online guide to the presidential candidates. Each time someone decides to run, we'll do something similar, helping you navigate the online world around each candidate.

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The basics

Pataki was born in 1945. George was the 19th most popular name that year. Elmer was 169th.

Top Google hits for searches for "George Pataki":
- George Pataki — Wikipedia
- Pataki for President

A theme that you will notice here is that Pataki is not the most dominant player in the online world. The first few pages of results on his name are all articles written about his new candidacy.

Google autofill for his name:

For example. In no other case have I seen a quick link to Wikipedia appear when doing a search for a candidate. It's not sponsored, or it would say so. My guess? That was so frequently the link people clicked that Google's robots figured it was worth putting right in the possible search results. Because: Who is John Pataki? Er, George?

If you're curious, based on those searches, Pataki has two daughters. One, Emily, wrote a semi-notorious e-mail to her law firm after failing her bar exam in 2006.

Google autofill for his name plus "is":

No one knows.

Campaign Web site:

George Pataki's Web site is currently called "People for Pataki." In 2002, when he was running for re-election for a third time, it was "People for Pataki." (The motto emblazoned on his current site? "People Over Politics." Alliteration aficionados for Pataki!)

Also on that 2002 site? A video from Emily Pataki!

There were a number of other "X for Pataki" groups, too: Amigos de Pataki, Democrats for Pataki, and in one 2002 photo a man holds a sign reading "Irish for Pataki." With diversity like that, no wonder he won three terms.

Once he left office, the domain redirected to for a while. You get zero points for guessing what the focus of the site was.

First Wikipedia entry date: April 1, 2003

George E Pataki was a Republican from 1995 to now

Matter of fact, to the point.

First Wikipedia addition: Later that day, someone discovered more information about Pataki and added it.

George Pataki is the governor of New York State. He is a Republican and started the health care programs Child Health Plus and Family Health Plus to compensate for the failing Medicaid system.

Social media

On Twitter: @governorpataki

Follower/following ratio: 111 followers for every one followed

First tweet from Pataki:

It came last year! Get with the times, Pataki.

Most popular tweet, per Favstar:

Only two short months after joining Twitter, he was trolling New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (D). He's a fast learner.

First mention of Pataki on Twitter:

Is this the perfect political tweet? It is definitely in the 99th percentile.

On Facebook: /GovGeorgePataki
Likes: 14,000

No likes.

First image on Facebook:

Photoshop is a hell of a drug.

Best image on Facebook:

On YouTube: George Pataki

Subscribers: 41

Most popular video:

It's the only video.

Best video related to Pataki:

Why this one? Because in it, Pataki argues that Internet gambling could fund terror networks. He was speaking on behalf of the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling, an organization formed by Republican uber-donor Shelon Adelson. Adelson owns casinos, which have reasons for opposing online gambling that go beyond worries about terrorists.

In other words, this video is a very interesting encapsulation of how politics sometimes works.

On Tumblr: None.


Google image search results:

Rating: Zzzz. Zzzz zzz zzzzz? Zzzzzzz zzz zzzzzz z zzzz.

Key GIFs from Giphy:

There are no George Pataki GIFs. There was a character named George on a television show called "Seinfeld," however, and a character named Helga Pataki on "Hey Arnold." So:

Rating: Welcome to the internet, governor!