We now interrupt your regularly scheduled reading on the state of the nation's economy, schools, war, rumors of war, corruption, malfeasance and famine around the world to inform you that Lena Dunham is Ready for Hillary.

Dunham has posted a picture of, well, herself, with a Hillary 2016 bumpersticker planted in her mouth. It has been liked nearly 23,000 times in an hour.

The picture isn't exactly a shocking revelation. Two months ago, Dunham posted a tongue-in-cheek message about that picture of Hillary --  you know the one, suglasses on, blackberry in hand, handling business with outfit and hair almost on fleek. It made her allegiences pretty clear to anyone on Instagram who can also read.

Then, earlier this month, Dunham posted another pro-Hillary declaration on Instagram. She was kind enough to share an idea: The Clinton 2016 campaign logo would form the basis of her new tramp stamp.

Dunham is an outspoken advocate of all manner of progressive causes. Sharing some of her ideas on social media drew enough attention from what Dunham called "crazy neocons" and trolls that she announced plans to withdraw from the Kingdom of Twitter. The sustained opposition to Dunham, of course, is part of what makes people care what she says. And Dunham has every right to express her ideas; before the 2016 race ends, she will hardly be the last celebrity to do so.

Maybe she feels compelled to share her thoughts, somehow. After all, she's been called the voice of her generation -- even if that voice and the world it depicts is decidedly wealthy and white. She is smart, sarcastic and sassy enough to make light of such an auspicious label, run her own HBO show and ably deflect criticism for telling a modern American story without including, you know, the actual range of people who live in America -- or Brooklyn -- if and when anyone calls her on it. But no one is irritated by ubiquity or her selective grasp on empowerment or anything. OK?

So, Lena Dunham has weighed in for Hillary, in a photo, with a Hillary bumper sticker in her mouth, which requires little to no interpretation.

Let's return to a world where this happened and someone or something else matters, shall we?