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Donald Trump is one of the very few Republicans who like Donald Trump

D. J. Trump. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File)

No one on this planet -- or, we speculate, any other distant, as-yet-undiscovered-by-mankind world -- has a higher opinion of Donald Trump than Donald Trump. It would certainly be hard for anyone else to view him more favorably than he views himself.

As he once again ponders running for executive office -- a pondering that to seasoned political observers is by now reminiscent of a certain children's story -- it's worth noting that Trump is a member of a very small minority of Americans who hold a favorable view of him. And that's true not only among all Americans: it's also true among Republicans.

In the new Washington Post/ABC News polling released on Tuesday, no one has a lower net favorability rating than Trump. That's the number of people who look at a possible 2016 favorably minus those who view him unfavorably. For, say, Hillary Clinton, the net favorability is minus-4 -- 45 percent of Americans view her favorably, 49 percent don't. For Trump? Sixteen percent of Americans view him favorably. Seventy-one percent do not.

His minus-55 is by far the lowest favorability among those we asked about.

Nor is it the case that he does any better among independents. In that group, his net favorability is even lower.

(Good news for Marco Rubio, we will note.)

But here's the exclamation point. Looking only at how members of the candidate's own party view him or her, Trump excels: His net favorability among the Republicans that he would need to have vote for him is minus-42.

That's pretty stunning. And the situation is actually worse than it looks. The Des Moines Register asked Republicans in the state if they would vote for the various candidates; 58 percent said they would never vote for Trump. Never! (Trump's response? "That's because they don't think I'm running. When they think I'm running, they go through the roof." Sure.)

We will admit, though, that it is true that Trump excels, that he is in a class by himself when it comes to politics. And I'm sure his opponents are happy to cede him that ground.