Provisions of the Patriot Act expired Monday, and Jon Stewart noted -- despite warnings on both sides of the aisle of the dangers America would face -- everything so far is OK.

"[E]ven though the Patriot Act expired, it doesn't really seem the country has crumbled into chaotic violence-based terrorocracy," he said.

President Obama said the expiration of the Patriot Act wouldn't mean terrorists would stop plotting against the United States.

Republicans have criticized Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ken.), who has opposed government surveillance. But as Stewart noted, there still have been terrorist attacks since the government has monitored metadata.

"[T]he government is making the case that this controversial provision for the NSA is what has been so effective, but we have been hit by terrorist acts, lone wolf and otherwise," he said. "The Fort Hood shooting, the cartoon contest in Texas, the Boston Marathon bombing, and in each case, those were individuals our government had been alerted about, did know about, so the Patriot Act is working that poorly, why are all these guys so adamant we have to keep it?"