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The basics

One would assume he was named after the unsympathetic bad-guy character from a 1980s John Hughes film, except that he predates those movies by a few years. Maybe it worked in the other direction.

Wait, who is this again?

He was senator from Rhode Island for just more than one term as a Republican and then governor of the state for a term as an independent who became a Democrat at the end. Now he'd like to be president for a term as a Democrat.

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- Lincoln Chafee — Wikipedia
- His campaign Web site

Google autofill for his name:

Chafee gets the "most people don't know who this is" auto-inclusion of the Wikipedia page when you search for his name. (So far, the only other presidential candidate to have that happen was Pataki. A bad sign!)

Another bad sign: The most common thing people are looking for information about is the time your son Caleb allegedly gave booze to teens at the family horse farm.

Chafee is already the most fun candidate in the field.

Google autofill for his name plus "is":

One would think that at least his political party might warrant a few searches.

Campaign Web site:

When Chafee first announced his planned presidential run, we noted that his Web site was pretty enthusiastic about selling his book, "Against the Tide." Still is!

Chafee eschewed the domain name format embraced by most of his competitors, which has been Chafee never used that domain for his campaigns, though. In 2011, he used (He used the same headshot, though.)

Running in Rhode Island, home state of Buddy Cianci, Chafee rolled out the unsubtle slogan, "Trust Chafee."

What is at now? This!

Renew your domains, people.

First Wikipedia entry date: October 5, 2003

Actually some fairly astute and prescient political analysis in this, if not proper grammar and punctuation.

Lincoln Chafee (born 1953 is a United States senator from Rhode Island. He got his seat when his father, John Chafee died suddenly in October 1999, and Lincoln was appointed to succeed him. He was later elected in his own right. Though a republican, Lincoln Chafee is fairly liberal. Many have speculated that Chafee might have become an independent or even joined the democratic party if the democrats had maintained control of the Senate or got within one seat of doing so in the 2002 elections.

First Wikipedia addition: In March 2004, Chafee's education pedigree was added: "Born in Providence, Rhode Island, Chafee attended Warwick Public Schools and Phillips Andover Academy. He earned a degree in Classics from Brown University in 1975."

Here is an experiment! Take out all references to "Rhode Island" in this article and ask someone unfamiliar with Chafee (if you can find one!) to guess what part of the country he is from.

Social media

On Twitter: @lincolnchafee

Follower/following ratio: 31 followers for every one followed

There is also an account, @chafeenews, in case you're a hardcore Lincoln Chafee news junkie and can't deal with the fluff that his main account includes.

First tweet from Chafee:

The link in that tweet goes to the weird Hiroshima sex thing, so don't click it.

Most popular tweet, per Favstar:

It's actually his "I'm going to announce that I'm running for president" tweet, which only has about 80 retweets. Prior to that, it was this:

It has 11 retweets.

First mention of Chafee on Twitter:

From the old Digg, when Chafee left the Republican party.

On Facebook: /GovernorChafee
Likes: 6,095

This site has not yet been updated with information about his 2016 run. Why? His wife offers a clue:

A bill signing! No likes.

First image on Facebook:

An image from a bill signing! No likes.

Best image on Facebook:

Chafee has the most thoroughly politician-y Facebook photos I've ever seen. Anyway, this kid is stoked.

Subscribers: 61

Most popular video:

So, what is this? 38 Studios was a video game company founded by former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, which received a loan from the state of Rhode Island. The company went bankrupt. The video above is Chafee running an operation known in the politics game as "CYA."

Best video related to Chafee:

Sarah Palin "possibly energized the wrong base," he said in 2008. "From the left, to see this cocky wacko" speaking during the Republican convention.

On Tumblr: None.


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Rating: A-plus, based solely on that one in the bottom row toward the left.

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You will not be surprised to learn that there are no Lincoln Chafee GIFs out there. There are plenty of Lincoln ones, though, including this one.

Rating: A-plus-plus