What's your favorite melodramatic sports expression? Demolished? Destroyed? Blew away? It was that sort of day on Capitol Hill, where the language that's usually used to oversell John Oliver clips on Twitter instead applied -- aptly! -- to a vote in Congress.

President Obama went out of his way to try and lure people to his side in approving a bill called Trade Adjustment Assistance, or TAA, that was understood to be key to finalizing fast-track trade authority for the administration. (That one is TPA, "trade promotion authority." You can read more here, if you enjoy acronyms.) The House obliterated/crushed/etc. TAA by more than two-to-one, with a vast majority of Democrats and Republicans voting against it.

Or, in map form:

(The gap in Illinois? The seat vacated by former GOP representative Aaron Schock.)

Shortly afterward, the House voted on TPA, which passed, albeit barely. (It won't go into effect until TAA passes too, though.)

The movement was almost all on the Republican side. A full 115 Republicans voted differently on the second vote; only 15 Democrats did. And most of them went from yes to no.

You can get a bit more nuance if you compare the votes by district ideology, instead of just party. Matching votes against Cook Partisan Voting Index, you see that support and opposition ranged across the political spectrum. In the second vote, more members from conservative districts (that is, Republicans) voted yes.

The president appears to be confident that, with some tweaks and after some reconsideration, he can get his agenda back on track. Friday might have been intended to send a statement, with Democrats being willing to return to the fold in the future.

But even so, with his personal outreach Thursday night and Friday morning yielding the bloodbath/decimation/horror show of Friday afternoon, it's fair to think that the entire thing might be doomed.