If you're looking for shirtless photos of Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley, you can either try Google image search or The Drudge Report.

The site has given the former Maryland governor -- perhaps Hillary Clinton's most formidable opponent -- positive coverage for much of the year, including running several photos of his chiseled-and-not-even-just-for-a-politician physique. Political analyst Jeff Greenfield wondered aloud earlier this month how often shirtless O'Malley photos showed up on the site and whether it was a thing.

It's definitely a thing. We don't have an official count (don't worry, we can start now), but there are some that have been captured via screenshot. If you have any others, please let us know so we can have a full and accurate tally of this phenomenon.

Here are a few examples:

Shirtless O'Malley is Wall Street's "Public Enemy No. 1" -- and can do more push-ups than your dad.

O'Malley is ready to not only run for president, but to pump (CLAP) you up.


He is Hillary Clinton's only real threat -- both on Election Day and on the bench press.

There have also been a couple sleeveless shots.

Do you have tickets to the gun show?

On Monday, when Drudge linked to a Washington Post story about O'Malley's fitness, he went for a fully clothed MO'M illustration.

So, finally, the bad news for Drudge: There are a limited number of shirtless O'Malley photos around since most of the above photos are from the Polar Bear Plunge, a yearly charity event for Special Olympics in Annapolis, Md. O'Malley told BaltimoreRavens.com in 2010 that he goes every year, but there aren't photos of him participating every year.

So until O'Malley participates again (January 2016!) or gets snapped at the beach while on vacation a la Obama in 2008, our national Shirtless O'Malley resources are running dangerously low. Drudge better use them carefully.