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The basics

Full name: John Ellis Bush

Saying "Jeb Bush" is like saying "ATM machine," in that the "b" in "Jeb" stands for "Bush." So technically we should call him Je Bush, and you can expect that to become official Washington Post style.

Top Google hits for searches for "Je Bush":

Stupid Google.

Top Google hits for searches for "Jeb Bush":
- Jeb Bush - Wikipedia
- Jeb Bush on The Facebook
- Jeb Bush Twitter

Google autofill for his name:

Jeb! Bush's logo! has rocketed! to the top of the Google! search results! His logo is popular, in the sense that it is weird? It looks like this!, as you probably already knew.

Other topics of interest on Bush: his wife, his height (6-foot-3), and "Hispanic," which probably is about his voter registration form.

Google autofill for his name plus "is":

The answers: Yes. No. Up to the voters. Yes. Okay. Texas. Not really. Nice try, governor.

Campaign Web site:

As of writing, redirects to, while, his old campaign Web site, redirects to an empty white box. was Bush's campaign site in his two successful runs for governor. In 1998, it had what was indisputably the greatest feature in the history of campaign Web sites. Here's the New York Times from that year (which had accompanying art, as at right):
The latest innovation scheduled to go live on the site sometime this summer is the Marvin the Dog Chat Room, where visitors can converse with the Bush family pet. Marvin is also featured in television ads, and plans for the Web site include adding video clips of the dog in action.
Of course, in regard to the chat room feature, Bush had a confession.
"I think someone will interpret for Marvin," he said.

(Go read that whole Times article when you get a second. It's like overhearing two people at a retirement home who just got a new Android phone. "And you can send people the pictures over electronic mail!")

What Marvin had to say was lost to the ages, it seems. The archive of the site does have good content, like the article on the "Fast Breaking News" page ("Everyday, our campaign is making news and making progress") titled, "Pilot Denies Bush Ever Being on Plane."

This is the best thing from his 2002 campaign Web site:

Chatting is for the dogs. But dancing? That's all Jeb.

(Okay, it is also funny that Bush had an initiative called "Just Read, Florida!" which comes off more as an exasperated lament than an encouraging request.)

First Wikipedia entry date: Feb. 28, 2003.

First Wikipedia entry:
Bush's first Wikipedia entry was harsh.

John Ellis "Jeb" Bush (born February 11, 1953) is the current governor of Florida. He was elected in November 1998 and re-elected in November 2002. Journalist Greg Palast has alleged that some African-American voters were deliberately prevented from voting in the 2002 election through the use of inaccurate voter "purge" lists of felons and deceased people. An October 2002 report in the Miami Herald details Bush's involvement in a questionable Nigerian deal, where money was allegedly used to bribe government officials for approval of a $74 million water pump sale.
There have also been claims of political hypocrisy because Bush's daughter Noelle Bush was sent into rehabilitation for her drug use, while Jeb Bush simultaneously called for harsh punishment of nonviolent drug offenders (and actively opposed a ballot initiative that would send them into treatment instead).
The fact that the Bush family -- George Bush, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush -- has been so heavily involved with high level politics has been likened to aristocratic conditions, see also Bush League.

The page for "Bush League" has been deleted.

First Wikipedia addition: Two minutes later, the original author added a few articles from and the Miami Herald to back up his claims.

Social media

On Twitter: @JebBush

Follower/following ratio: 1,224 followers for every one followed.

Bush follows only 161 accounts. They include athletes (Greg Norman), religious leaders (Rick Warren), some of his competitors (Rand Paul) and other notable figures.

("Columba! Did you see what Pitbull tweeted?")

He also faved this tweet.

First tweet from Bush:


Most popular tweet, per Favstar:

Bush's announcement that . . . he was thinking about maybe running for president. The "I might run" has been retweeted six times as much as the logo/"I am running" tweet.

First mention of Bush on Twitter:

This is the second mention of Bush, because the first one was some boring podcast plug.

The story behind it? For the "first time in memory," the faculty senate at the University of Florida rejected an honorary degree. The excuse? They usually give the degrees to "distinguished scientists, engineers, artists, nurses, doctors." The year before Bush was nominated, former senator Bob Graham received the honor.

On Facebook: /jebbush
Likes: 183,000

"Hey, Marvin, Ron McCampbell says hello." (Marvin is Jeb's brother, as well as his late dog.)

First image on Facebook:

These are the first three images.

Which means we won a free ticket in the scratch-off game of American politics.

Best image on Facebook:

Remember the great Hashtag Immigration Wars between Chuck Todd and Jeb Bush?

On YouTube: Jeb!

Subscribers: 232

Most popular video:

This is a pretty straightforward "what I did as governor" video, if you're into that. It is also available in Spanish, in Bush's voice.

Best music video related to Bush:

There is an electronic voice saying "john ellis bush john ellis bush" and "little larry music little larry music" over and over. If Bush doesn't use this at his launch: huge missed opportunity.

On Tumblr: None.

On Snapchat: He doesn't seem to have an account, but the launch will be on Snapchat, in case your kid needs something new to ignore.


Google image search results:

Rating: Hand-talker

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Correction: The reference to Bush's "Hispanic" mistake involved a mistake on our end, too. It was his voter registration form, not his driver's license, on which he made the error.