Of course Donald Trump said he "would love to have Oprah" as his vice presidential running mate.

He first floated the idea when he said he was thinking of running for president in 1999, and in an interview with ABC News on Tuesday, he didn't back off it: "I think Oprah would be great. I'd love to have Oprah. I think we'd win easily."

The problem with this is that it seems more like he just randomly picked a name of a public figure that would be headline-worthy than actually put any thought to it. The only thing crazier than Trump actually running for president and winning the GOP nomination would be if he then convinced Oprah to be his running mate. She's beloved (pick a running mate who is strong where you are weak, right?), but she's also an Obama supporter who has campaigned on the president's behalf, while Trump spent the early 2010s asking for that same president's birth certificate. I doubt it's a ticket she'd be open to joining.

So with Oprah out, who are the alternatives? Here are nine other headline-worthy running mates that would be more realistic for Trump:

Jesse Ventura

Also a celebrity with a TV show, but with actual elective experience -- as (editor cringes) governor of Minnesota.

Chuck Norris

With Trump's deal-making skills and Norris's super-human ability to accomplish any seemingly impossible task, there's nothing they couldn't not do. Norris is also a Republican who helped Mike Huckabee win Iowa in 2008.

The Rock

Has a similar appeal as Chuck Norris, but the "Furious 7" star also appeals to a younger and more diverse audience. Do you smell what The Donald and The Rock are cooking? Making America great again.

Kim Kardashian

Eight words: Second Gentleman of the United States Kanye West.

Clint Eastwood

The convention would be tremendous.

Kid Rock

Neil Young said he didn't give Trump permission to use "Rockin' In The Free World." We're guessing Kid Rock, who let Mitt Romney use his "Born Free," would be happy to lend his catalog. "Bawitdaba" would be a perfect entrance song.

Ted Nugent

Nugent loves America and has a similar record of saying outlandish things people pay a lot of attention to. Plus he would help the corporate Trump appeal to more rural conservatives and gun-rights activists.

Stephen Colbert

In an ideal world, Trump could just pick himself as his own running mate. But since he can't, someone who can do a solid impression could also work.