If campaign slogans were honest, they'd be less about "taking the country back" or "restoring the future" or whatever it is we're supposed to be doing in 2016.

So Twitter users on Tuesday tweeted their favorite #RejectedPresCampaignSlogans, which became a trending topic in Washington. Many of them were vulgar, partisan or just plain mean, but here are some of the best ones that were none of those things:

What candidates really want

If we were honest about "change"

A slogan for the social age

There's got to be at least one candidate you're OK with, right?

Great slogan for a '90s remake (like, say, Bush v. Clinton II)


tbh I didn't recognize him at first

A good slogan for everyone who isn't Donald Trump

And for Vermin Supreme!

A promise that couldn't possibly be kept

Let's lower the bar a little more

And perhaps the most honest of all