In the debate over the most accurate TV show about politics, it's usually not "House of Cards" or "The West Wing" that get mentioned by Washington insiders, but rather "Veep." D.C. isn't as heroic or sinister as Hollywood makes it seem, so "Veep" -- which is about Vice President and (spoiler alert) later-President Selina Meyer, her bumbling staff and their mundane troubles -- captures the absurdity of politics.

That point was reinforced Tuesday when the State Department released a new batch of Hillary Clinton's e-mails from 2009. They were self-selected, of course, so any vaguely Frank Underwood-esque emails wouldn't make the cut, while any tidbits that made her look more like President Bartlet were probably already detailed in "Hard Choices."

What we're left with is mostly boring emails about day-to-day problems, many of which seem surprisingly like situations President Meyer would find herself in.

Any number of them would make excellent storylines for Season 5. Here are some of the best. Please take note, Armando Iannucci.

Clinton finds out there's a Cabinet meeting from a radio report

It turns out it was a meeting for lower-level staff members, our Anne Gearan and Colby Itkowitz reported, but feeling out of the loop in the administration is so "Veep."

Clinton worried she's not seeing the president as much as one of her predecessors

Ditto with this.

Clinton tries to figure out how to work a fax machine

This feels like it could be a meme that would work well on conservative Facebook. The "Texts from Hillary" photo with "SETS UP PRIVATE E-MAIL SERVER IN HOME" written in Impact font on top and "CAN'T WORK FAX MACHINE" below.

Clinton bored to tears while sitting through speeches

Smile on the outside while snoozing/rolling your eyes on the inside. That's something Meyer does on a daily basis.

Someone who isn't tweeting Clinton tweeting in her name

How do we know tweets signed "-H" are really from Clinton anyways?

Clinton getting random emails and responding '????????????????'

This this isn't a whole storyline, but definitely it could be a running gag. (By the way, Juanes has three children, in case Clinton or anyone else is interested.)