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Part 18 in a series: Your online guide to the presidential candidates. Each time someone decides to run, we'll do something similar, helping you navigate the online world around each candidate.

(Part 1: Ted Cruz. Part 2: Rand Paul. Part 3: Hillary Clinton. Part 4: Marco Rubio. Part 5: Bernie Sanders. Part 6: Carly Fiorina. Part 7: Ben Carson. Part 8: Mike Huckabee. Part 9: Rick Santorum. Part 10: George Pataki. Part 11: Martin O'Malley and Lindsey Graham. Part 12: Lincoln Chafee. Part 13: Rick Perry. Part 14: Jeb Bush. Part 15: D. J. Trump. Part 16: Bobby Jindal. Part 17: Chris Christie.)

The basics

Full name: James Henry Webb, Jr.

Top Google hits for searches for "Jim Webb":
- Jim Webb - Wikipedia
- JamesWebb.com
- Webb2016.com

Google autofill for his name:

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Jim Webb (age 69) has written a number of books. However ...

Google autofill for his name plus "is":

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... "The Moon's a Harsh Mistress" is not one of them. That is a book by the science fiction writer Robert Heinlein.

But that's not why it comes up in the search. The search "Moon's a Harsh Mistress" refers to the song that took the name of the book, a song by one Jimmy Webb.

Here is the thing about Jim Webb. "Jim Webb" is a very common name, and Jim Webb, the candidate, doesn't not have the heaviest online footprint. So we're going to see a lot of "oh, wait, wrong Jim Webb" for the next few minutes. Enjoy!

Campaign Web site: JimWebb.com

Oh, wait. Wrong Jim Webb. That's the website for Jim Webb, "web developer and educator," who based on the typography of the candidate's announcement page, is not affiliated with Jim Webb, presidential candidate. (But that Jim Webb made a neat inter-neighborhood portal in D.C. last September.)

Actual campaign Web site: Webb2016.com

Webb isn't in on the "have a 'funny' 404 page" thing among presidential candidates. His 404 (page not found) page actually serves a 503 (server error) response. That's either super-meta or just a mess. (Given that the site seems to be down half the time, it's probably the latter.)

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 2.43.36 PM

He's had the JamesWebb.com site since the late 1990s, using it as sort of a one-stop-shop for his books and speaking gigs, etc. At right is the quote of the day from 16 years ago.

First Wikipedia entry date: February 16, 2005

First Wikipedia entry:

Pretty strightforward.

A native of St. Joseph, Missouri, James Webb is a best-selling author, filmmaker (Rules of Engagement), Emmy Award-winning journalist, and literature professor. One of the most highly decorated Marines of the Vietnam War, he served as Assistant Secretary of Defense and Secretary of the Navy during Ronald Reagan's administration.

First substantive Wikipedia addition: Added in late April 2005: "He was poll-tested as a possible Democratic Senate candidate to challenge Virginia Senator George Allen in 2006." True!

Social media

On Twitter: @jimwebb

Oh, wait. Wrong Jim Webb. That guy is the other Jim Webb again, who reminds us that he is "(Not the former senator.)" in his biography.

Actual Twitter account: @jimwebbusa

Follower/following ratio: 1.5 followers for every one followed. (That is very low.) (He only has 9,000 followers.)

Webb is also one of the few candidates who lets you direct message him on Twitter. A friend DM'd to ask Webb's favorite ice cream. The response? "Senator Webb enjoys Downton Abbey. Not sure about the ice cream. -- Staff" (I guess the friend asked about "Downton Abbey," too.)

Webb, you'll learn, is very strict about labeling staff posts as "- Staff."

First tweet from Webb:

Last August.

Loebsack won.

Most popular tweet, per Favstar:

Except for the campaign announcement one, but that was from "- Staff."

First mention of Webb on Twitter:

That appears to be about Webb's response to George Bush's 2007 State of the Union address, but who knows.

Fun fact! Webb is the third 2016 candidate to have rebutted a presidential speech. The first two? Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio.

Another fun fact! Switch the first letters of "J. Webb" and you get "W. Jebb"!!!! (??!!!!)

On Facebook: /IHeardMyCountryCalling
Likes: 22,000

Oldest post:

Webb clearly made this account to promote his book. But didn't let it go to waste!

First image on Facebook:

Don't believe me?

Best image on Facebook:

The caption states that this is "Jim Webb 'passing chow' during 'plebe year' at the Naval Academy." That milk has the Navy's logo on it.

On YouTube: Webb 2016

Subscribers: 226

Most popular video:

Only has one. The aesthetic is "public access chic."

Most popular video last time he ran:


Oh, you thought we wouldn't have a "macaca" reference in this? Come on.

On Tumblr: JimWebb.tumblr.com

Oh, wait. Wrong Jim Webb. But look at this fun video from that site!


Google image search results:

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Key GIFs from Giphy:

Closest we've got? Spud Webb in a gym.

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