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Donald Trump’s severe unpopularity, visualized

Since Donald Trump announced his presidential bid, he's drawn plenty of controversy and outrage for his comments. Here are some of the key moments. (Video: The Washington Post)
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Donald Trump has a habit of saying nice things about Vladimir Putin -- including Wednesday on CNN, when he said in an interview that he would be able to work well with the Russian president.

Perhaps that's because Putin is about the only politician that makes Trump look popular by comparison. But just barely.

A Pew poll in February showed 12 percent of Americans viewed Putin favorably, compared to 70 percent unfavorably. That's a net-negative of 58 points.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll in May, meanwhile, showed Trump's favorable/unfavorable split at a stunning 16/71. That's a net-negative of 55 points.

The only politician who has been polled in recent years and is anywhere near Trump and Putin was Newt Gingrich, who was 32 points underwater amid his failed 2012 GOP presidential primary campaign, according to Post-ABC polling.

Indeed, while the Putin comparison comes close, it's hard to make clear just how unpopular Trump is. It's very difficult to get 70 percent of Americans to agree on much of anything. But that's the percentage who don't like both Trump and Putin.

Still not quite clear? Below, we present Trump's net favorability (favorable rating minus unfavorable rating) among many off the big demographic groups. It's a sight to see. He is roundly disliked by every major demographic -- up to and including conservative Republicans.