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Jeb Bush raised $8 a second during the first two weeks of his candidacy

Jeb Bush became the latest 2016 candidate to announce his second quarter fundraising totals on Thursday, reporting what would seem to be a modest-by-fundraising-standards $11.4 million. Compared to Hillary Clinton's $45 million, for example, it looks rather tepid.

But it's important to note that Bush announced his candidacy late in the cycle. Given that he only announced halfway through June and the cycle ended at the end of the month, he had 16 days in which to pull that $11.4 million together -- compared to Clinton, who launched her campaign in April and had almost the whole quarter.

By the "how much was raised per day" standard, then, Bush did far better -- exceeding even the energetic per-day fundraising of Hillary Clinton.

In the abstract, $712,500 per day sounds like a lot, because it is. But that figure can also be broken down further. For example, that's $8.25 per second. Jeb Bush raised enough money to buy two Starbucks lattes every second for the last half of June 2015. If he drinks Starbucks lattes, that is; perhaps it's better for him to have bought a set of three "Duck Commander" tea cups every second to give out to Republican primary voters.

Another way of looking at it: Here's how much the top five fundraisers of last quarter, if they kept up that pace, would have raised since you opened this article.

That's a lot of little green dollars.