In cities across the country, taxpayers help foot the bill for professional sports stadiums, a practice John Oliver launched his latest campaign against Sunday on “Last Week Tonight.”

“Sports teams are successful businesses with wealthy owners, and yet they still get our help,” he said.

He noted that currently, the Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams and San Diego Chargers are threatening to move to Los Angeles, something that's “such a cliche that in the current Madden video game, if you want a new stadium, a good way to do that is to relocate a team, and the game even tells you the easiest choice financially is — guess where — Los Angeles.”

“We have to come to our sense and stop signing these deals,” he said.

Oliver ended his clip giving an inspiring locker room pep talk, set to music (skip to the 15:39 mark), about fans refusing to use public money to build stadiums, even if teams threaten to leave. It's almost as inspiring as that scene from “Rudy.”