Part 19 in an infinite series that will seemingly end only when the last molecule floating around the universe blinks out of existence: Your online guide to the presidential candidates. Each time someone decides to run, we'll do something similar, helping you navigate the online world around each candidate.

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The basics

Full name: Scott Kevin Walker

Top Google hits for searches for "Scott Walker":
- Scott Walker for America
- Scott Walker - Wikipedia
- Scott Walker on Twitter

Top Google hits for searches for "Kevin":
- Kevin - Wikipedia

"Among the earliest famous bearers of the name was Saint Kevin, although Kevin is not a biblical name." Saint Kevin!

Google autofill for his (Walker's) name:

What is "Scott Walker we"? It may refer to when the band the Dropkick Murphys told Walker "we literally hate you." The question about college likely centers around Walker's not having graduated.

Google autofill for "Scott":

Walker is the second-most-famous Scott. Scott Disick is not a saint.

Google autofill for his name plus "is":

Who Googles "scott walker is great?" Is it Scott Walker, hoping to find positive press? Is it #teens named Scott Walker, who think they're posting to Google+ or something? Baffling. World, you baffle me.

Campaign Web site:

Here is a thing that Scott Walker does well: His campaign logo takes the E from his name and turns it into a little flag. That's pretty good! And since we are now legally obligated to report on the candidates' 404 pages, Walker's includes a fundraising pitch. "You got lost somehow and ended up on my Web site where I don't have any information to offer, but maybe you would like to give me money?" If that works, he's just turned capitalism on its head.

As has been the case with most of our beloved 2016ers, Scott Walker hasn't always owned the domain that bears his name. Back in 2002, it was a poster sales website, offering the standard fare that -- somewhat ironically -- ends up plastered all over college dorm room walls. In 2002, visitors to could buy the "Periodic Table of Sex," but that is no longer the case. We assume.

Instead, Walker used, as far back as 1999. At the time, he had a gimmick where he'd walk parade routes and hand out fake $20 bills with a message on the back about how he fought to lower taxes.

First Wikipedia entry date: December 29, 2004

First Wikipedia entry:

Someone took a bit of time out of their holiday break to ensure that the world knew that Walker was the county executive of Milwaukee County and that he graduated from Marquette University (which he didn't). It ends with some foreshadowing: "Walker is often mentioned as a candidate to challenge current governor Jim Doyle in the Wisconsin gubernatorial election in 2006."

First substantive Wikipedia addition: The following January, the same user that created Walker's entry reported that Walker would indeed run for governor. He withdrew the following Spring.

His college graduation status wasn't updated until July. Remember that, kids, next time you're writing a report based on Wikipedia articles.

Social media

On Twitter: @ScottWalker

Follower/following ratio: 781 followers for every one followed.

Walker has not yet favorited any tweets.

First tweet from Walker:

This is the perfect first tweet. Anyone can imagine their father tweeting the same thing (no offense, Dad).

Most popular tweet, per Favstar:

Setting aside his campaign announcement, it's this one.

We should measure success, Walker argues, by how many governments are dependent on the people. Ideally, at least one!

First mention of Walker on Twitter:

There is a British singer named Scott Walker, which is likely who the person below is referring to. Except, given the thing about cheese, maybe not?

Favorite Twitter topic: Haircuts

On Facebook: /scottkwalker (the K is for "Kevin")
Likes: 312,000

Oldest post:

Walker announces that he's running for governor.

Most recent comment on Walker's first post:

First image on Facebook:

Reviews were mixed.

Best image on Facebook:

Scott and his brother as kids in Iowa, back when Walker's family lived in Iowa, which they did for a while because Walker understands and appreciates Iowa values given his having lived in Iowa.

On YouTube: SupportScottWalker

Subscribers: 1221

Most popular video:

"Recall the Recall" -- presumably Walker's version of "Begin the Beguine."

Best song related to Scott Walker:

Never make a parody rap song.

There's a trailer for a part two.

Never make a sequel to your parody rap song, either. Happily, this guy didn't.

On Tumblr: None.

There is a, but it belongs to some other Scott Walker who takes pictures of the Batmobile.

On Snapchat: govscottwalker

He teased his announcement on Snapchat yesterday.


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Rating: Finger guns.

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Rating: Poetry.