If it's a day that ends in "y," it must be time to evaluate a hyperbolic claim from Donald Trump!

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Trump responded to a claim that he'd lied in his financial filing with the Federal Election Commission. (Which, as we noted this week, he doesn't need to do anyway.) "Could you imagine me signing a false document?" Trump told Bloomberg New's Mark Halperin. "Me? Right now the most high-profile guy in the world. More Google hits than anybody in the entire world by a factor of 10."

That, we can check! And, surprising no one, it's not true.

Google offers up a great deal of data on what people are searching for through its "Trends" tool. It allows you to see the frequency with which people are searching for particular terms, such as "Donald Trump."

Here's the last 90 days of searches for Trump. The scale at the left is proprietary; "100" is the peak amount of search for whatever terms are being considered.

The place where Trump has been searched the most? Mexico.

Notice that Trump is actually off his personal peak, which came at his announcement. But, being generous, we'll peg the "more popular by a factor of 10" to that peak. According to Trump, no one else should be getting above about a four.

So let's compare him with President Obama.

Oops. Obama generally engenders more interest than Trump, and his speech in Charleston put him well over Trump's maximum.

And that's just politics. If you throw in entertainers, who, we will note, count as "anybody in the entire world," Trump seems downright pedestrian.

There's Justin Bieber…

… and, of course, the queen of the Internet, Kim Kardashian.

We had to check whether or not Kardashian met the famous John Lennon metric of popularity: Was she more searched than Jesus? Yes.

(An aside: Google allows you to narrow your query to focus on a particular topic. So if you were searching for "airplane," it might ask if you meant the vehicle or the 1970s movie. The clarifying term to pick out the correct Bieber is "singer-songwriter." For Kardashian, "television personality." For Jesus? "God.")

There you have it. Trump is pretty popular on the Google. But he's nowhere near 10 times as popular as everyone else.

Guys, we're starting to think that he exaggerates.