When he arrives in Kenya on Friday, President Obama will be making his first stop on what, by our count, is his 42nd international trip as president. He's been to the continent several times before, including in 2009 and 2013.

We can tell the story of Obama's travels more simply. This is where he has gone.

The president traveled widely his first year in office, hitting three continents besides North America (and getting awfully close to South America with a visit to Trinidad and Tobago). Total distance traveled: ~97,000 miles.

(Note: The distances here are as the crow flies and the lines shown don't depict the actual paths taken. To get to Asia, for example, Obama usually routes through Alaska and over the Arctic Circle. Distances used are the shortest routes, but are just estimates.)

The next year, with congressional elections and robust fights on Capitol Hill, he was less ambitious, stopping in Europe twice and making two visits to Afghanistan. Total distance traveled: ~67,000 miles.

In 2011, he made his first trips to Australia and South America. Total distance traveled: ~53,000 miles.

While he was running for reelection, Obama still managed to get out of the country, hitting Asia, Mexico and South America. Total distance traveled: ~55,000 miles.

Obama traveled widely in 2013, making multiple visits to Africa (the second necessitated by the death of Nelson Mandela) and several trips to Europe. Total distance traveled: ~70,000 miles.

Last year, he put the most miles on Air Force One by our estimates, with multiple trips to the Pacific Rim and to Europe. Total distance traveled: ~93,000 miles.

So far this year, Obama hasn't traveled much. Total distance traveled: ~44,000 miles.

In total, Obama's traveled at least 480,000 miles to visit other countries during his presidency. It's part of his job. Give me a free plane and accompanying motorcade for eight years, and I assure you I'd rack up a lot more than that.