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Many millennials are about to lose their most-trusted news source: Jon Stewart

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Young people like Jon Stewart. Young people trust Jon Stewart.

The latest poll to drive home that point comes from the Public Religion Research Institute, which finds more than one in 10 young adults (ages 18-29) say they trust "The Daily Show" or its now-departed spinoff, "The Colbert Report," the most to tell them what's going on in the world.

That's more than double the 6 percent of Americans who say they trust Stewart and Stephen Colbert, the former anchor of "The Colbert Report."

But Colbert has moved onto CBS's "The Late Show." And Stewart's final episode is Aug. 6.

So where will these soon-to-be news-starved millennials go for their news? A few options, according to PRRI's poll.

It probably won't be public TV (like PBS) or liberal-leaning MSNBC, according to the poll, which found millennials trust these news stations less than the Comedy Central shows.

CNN could reap some of these young abandoned viewers. It ranks first in trustworthiness among millennials. Or maybe young 'uns will cut the cord to cable (that's hip with kids these days) and watch broadcast networks like ABC, CBS and NBC.

Fox News might have a shot; it's tied for second in this poll among millennials who trust it the most.

Wait, who are we kidding? Daily Show viewers go to Stewart to watch him bash Fox.

Of course, maybe millennials will just stay with "The Daily Show" and new host Trevor Noah to tell them what's going on in the world. The show is going on without Stewart, after all.