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QUIZ: Match the 2016 debater to the most-difficult vocabulary word he used

The word nerds at were paying attention to a different aspect of Thursday night's first Republican presidential debate. They wanted to figure out which tricky word used by each candidate was most relevant to the arguments and history he represented.

Take the kiddie table debate, for example. The word that seized on for Carly Fiorina was "resurgence," as in Fiorina's declaration that "[w]​e need a leader who will lead the ​resurgence ​of this great nation and unlock its potential once again." (Another vocabulary word in that sentence? "Potential.")

We would therefore like to issue this challenge: We've mixed the 10 key words spoken by each candidate in the main debate in with three others, picked and assigned at random from this random definition tool. Can you figure out which word the candidate actually said? And, if not, do you know what any of the words mean? Go find out.