Whatever happens from here on-out, Donald Trump will at least have Lynette "Diamond" Hardaway and Rochelle "Silk" Richardson in his corner.

That much became clear when the two women, billed as the "'Stump for Trump girls" for the many unorthodox YouTube videos they post in support of Trump's candidacy, appeared on CNN Tuesday night for an interview with a somewhat-bemused Don Lemon.

"You guys are very passionate about your feelings about Donald Trump," Lemon said. "How did you decide that Donald Trump was your guy?"

Lemon went to Richardson first — who seemed a bit taken off-guard. She typically serves as Hardaway's hype woman, seconding whatever Hardaway says will a well-timed "Yes" or "That's right," a la Flavor Flav or Bobby Byrd. Nonetheless, she came up with an answer.

"Well, basically, I looked at the TV and saw he was going to be running for the president," Richardson said. "He was talking my language pretty much. I said, 'Oh my God, this is going to be our next president right here.' And I just felt it. I knew it. He resonated so well with me."

Then Hardaway took over, slipping into the fusion of preaching and political commentary the women post at WeBeSisters.com and the YouTube channel "The Viewers View."

Here's what followed:

Hardaway: He is going to make America great again. 
Richardson: Oh, yes he is. 
Hardaway: You hear me? He is going to make America great, and that's why I stump for the Trump. 
Richardson: That's right.
Hardaway: We have too many things happening in our country.
Richardson: Yes.
Hardaway: We have a border that needs to be secure.
Richardson: Yes.
Hardaway: We have ISIS trying to cut off heads.
Richardson: Yes.
Hardaway: We have people going into movie theaters, shooting it up, Don.
Richardson: Yes we do, Don.
Hardaway: We've got to secure this border.
Richardson: Got to secure it.
Hardaway: We've got to make America great again.
Richardson: Oh yes, we do.
Hardaway: We got to make America great again —
Richardson: Yes.
Hardaway:  — and the only way we are going to do that —
Richardson: Yes.
Hardaway: — is with Donald Trump.

Hardaway lost no steam as she arrived at her conclusion: "Stop looking at these other candidates; we got a leader right here," she said.

Hardaway and Richardson's videos are refreshing because they offer a unique perspective on politics. And their comments — for example, about Fox's Megyn Kelly ("Somebody done come for Donald, so I got to come for them") — are often intentionally (or perhaps unintentionally) hilarious.

So, at the end of spiel, Lemon could have asked any number of worthy questions.

Do Hardaway and Richardson feel they are taken seriously? Does it concern them that some, including this Twitter user, might consider their pro-Trump YouTube videos -- even this very interview -- a "comedy act?" What's their response to allegations that their candidate of choice has problems with racial minorities and women? And are Hardaway and Richardson at all concerned about their detractors, like this one:

Instead, Lemon decided that was the end of the segment, adding his own take on the women and their advocacy for Trump.

"You be crazy -- both of you," Lemon said. "In a good way."