Some good news for those of you worried about possible negative implications of a Donald Trump presidency: Once elected, he told Fox News' Sean Hannity, he will continue to tweet.

If you won the presidency, Hannity asked, would you "be out there at 1 o'clock in the morning tweeting?"

"Probably a little bit less," Trump replied, "but I do get my point across."

Assuming Trump maintained a similar tweeting schedule as he has for the past four months, we can pretty easily plot out when the Trump administration will be firing on all cylinders.

For example, Trump tends to slow down on the tweets on Thursday and Friday evenings. That's when he can slot in some Cabinet meetings, maybe a state dinner or two. There's also a lull on Sunday around noon. Plenty of time for Easter egg rolls and bill signings. He tends not to tweet much from about midnight to 6 a.m. -- but we assume he does need to sleep? Maybe he does not need to sleep.

We'll note that Trump has only tweeted in the 1 a.m. hour 67 of 3,370 times. His most prolific hour is 3 p.m., and he tweets more on Mondays than any other day of the week. So Monday at 3 p.m., Trump administration staffers, will be time to do paperwork, etc. Your boss will be otherwise occupied.

Tweeting will continue to be a central part of President Trump's day, because he finds great utility in it.

"For years, if somebody did bad stuff to me," Trump explained to Hannity, "I couldn't fight back. Now I have @realdonaldtrump, and I can tweet some bad stuff about them. If people like it, it's all over the world."

In other words, Donald Trump will be a president who can back up his words with action.