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John Oliver takes on lucrative (and tax-free) televangelism

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HBO's John Oliver has no love for televangelists who brag about how much money they have -- think private jets -- and then ask their viewers to "sow their faith" by donating money to the church. And he has even less love for all of it being tax-free.

Oliver's 20-minute segment Sunday night includes a weird seven-month correspondence (with money exchanged) featuring disgraced 1990s televangelist Robert Tilton, who came under fire after an ABC investigation into his fundraising practices.

The particular branch of televangelism Oliver is going after preaches what's called the "prosperity" gospel, where wealth is a sign of God's favor.

Exhibit A Oliver uses to make his case: Popular Texas-based televangelist Kenneth Copeland and his wife Gloria.

"This. Is. A. Preaching Machine!" Kenneth Copeland tells the camera, according to a news report Oliver plays.

(As usual with Oliver, there's some foul language that's not BLEEPed out.)