Donald Trump went to Mobile, Ala., over the weekend, and thousands of people came to hear the Republican frontrunner speak.

But the most important thing thing that came out of Trump's appearance was obviously the photo above, taken by Mark Wallheiser, who should immediately be awarded a Pulitzer prize for it.

Let's break down this amazing photo person by person.

The woman in the pink tank top, holding a baby

The look on her face has already launched an Internet phenomenon. Witness this:

Amazing. Creepy. Creepily amazing. Amazingly creepy.

The sheer joy apparent on her face from being close to a celebrity like Trump is near-perfectly symbolic of our current political culture. Great job.

The baby

Cute kid. Little bit starstruck, but who wouldn't be? He/She (sorry, it's a baby!) has likely never been touched by someone so classy or rich.

The woman holding the sign

The color scheme makes the message a bit muddled. Why is "Lord" in blue and "Jesus" in red? Also, some questionable and potentially unnecessary comma use.  That said: Huge points for the homemade sign and getting yourself so close to Trump's luxuriousness.

The two guys standing next to the woman holding the sign

You wait for hours to get a chance to see Trump and get your mug (maybe) on TV. Then someone brings a sign and totally blocks your faces. Story of my life.

The woman in the pink Trump hat

Did she have that hat specially made? If not, is it available for purchase somewhere? A quick look at the "headware" section of the Trump store suggests she didn't buy it there. If she had the hat made especially for the Trump visit, then you, ma'am, are my personal hero.

Right behind this kid.

The arm next to the woman in the pink hat

I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out whose arm that is. I never could.

UPDATE 2:46 pm: Mark Wallheiser,the photographer who started all of this, just called me. The arm in question belongs to the lady holding the sign. HUGE!

The leaning guy

I appreciate the effort to properly frame up Trump by leaning backwards. (I mean, this guy is no Mark Wallheiser. But who is?) But, there is a personal space invasion going on here. Which brings me to....

The lady who looks like she doesn't want to be there

Virtually everyone in this picture looks like THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY OF THEIR LIVES. Everyone, that is, except that woman in the plaid shirt next to the Leaning Tower of Blue Shirt. She does have a phone in hand and is at the front of a rope line, facts which suggest she does want to see the Trump show up close and personal.  I can only assume her recoil is due to the massive violation of her personal space and not to her proximity to The Donald.

The camera guy in the blue and white checked shirt

1. I own that shirt. In fact, I am wearing it today.

2. He should send this photo to his bosses to show how committed he is to doing his job well. I mean, a one-handed camera hoist in a tightly-packed space? Impressive.

The bearded dude showing the peace sign

Because why the hell not?

The guy in the way back doing the "Hook 'em Horns" hand thing

Because why the hell not, part two.