In challenging Donald Trump at his press conference in Iowa on Tuesday night, Jorge Ramos became only the latest target of Donald Trump's fury since he's been on the campaign trail. Over the course of the 71 days that Trump has been running, he's picked fights with and picked on his opponents, members of the media, various companies and even NASCAR. Trump has repeatedly claimed to be "the most militaristic person ever." If measured in willingness to start fights, he may actually have a claim to that title.

All photos from the Associated Press.

1. Univision and NBC.

Trump's campaign began in earnest when Univision cut ties with the businessman after his comments about Mexican immigrants during his campaign launch. Shortly after, NBC cut ties with Trump, too -- although Trump claimed that it was he who cut ties with them. Then there was his tiff with Ramos, who works for Univision.

2. Fox News and Megyn Kelly

After Megyn Kelly asked pointed questions of Trump during the first Republican debate, Trump lashed out at her on social media. That started something of a war with Fox News, and prompted Carly Fiorina to come to Kelly's defense. (That war was reignited this week.) When Trump made a comment about Kelly bleeding, conservative activist and blogger Erick Erickson disinvited Trump from his conference.

3. Other companies

After Univision and NBC backed away from Trump, so did ESPN, NASCAR and Macy's, who ended business relationships with the candidate. Trump usually responded by making fun of the companies or insisting that he ended the relationship first.

4. Nabisco and Frank Luntz

Following the Fox News debate earlier this month, pollster Frank Luntz conducted a focus group in which people reported being put-off by Trump's demeanor. Luntz, Trump tweeted, was a "low class slob." Nabisco also wandered into Trump's cross-hairs after he learned of the company's plans to move some manufacturing to Mexico. It's now part of his stump speech.

5. The 2016 candidates who've picked fights

Trump has gleefully engaged with his opponents who have attacked him. Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul have fought with Trump, with varying -- usually low -- levels of success.

6. The 2016 candidates that haven't picked fights

Scott Walker was attacked by Trump after one of his donors reportedly called the businessman a "DumbDumb." Trump blasted Walker's record as governor. Marco Rubio offered a fairly mild critique of Trump during the immigration kerfuffle. Now, Trump criticizes Rubio -- in part to ding Bush.

7. The 2016 candidate that tried to pick a fight

Chris Christie has tried to pick a fight with trump. It hasn't worked.