Rand Paul can't be everywhere while he's running for president. So the Republican Kentucky senator's team built an app that allows you to #StandWithRand -- in photo form at least -- any time you want.

What could go wrong? Uh, plenty. It's the Internet, people.

It took all of five minutes for a Cat Rand Selfie to crop up.

Here are some more of our favorites:

The Creepy Over the Shoulder Rand Selfie

The Joe Biden Creepy Over The Shoulder Rand Selfie


The Pin the Rand on the Conservative Reporter Rand Selfie

The Big Head Small Head Rand Selfie

The Pug Dog Lady Rand Selfie

The Rand on Rand Selfie (someone on his campaign should trademark that)

The Toilet Rand Selfie (someone on his campaign should definitely not trademark that)

The Scrunched Face/Reno 911 Mustache Rand Selfie

The Sleep On Rand Selfie (?)

The Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey Rand Selfie

We miss any good ones? The comments section awaits.