Thanks to CNN’s amended debate rules, Carly Fiorina will almost certainly appear in the Sept. 16 Republican debate.

That’s a pretty impactful political decision for a news network – and one that comes with significant repercussions: Fiorina in the main stage debate means she will get exposed to lots and lots more people than if she was in the JV debate earlier in the day.

Before you – or the other people not named Fiorina who won't make the main stage – bash CNN for its rules and its willingness to change them, remember that it's not easy to decide on a set of criteria to pick the top 10 (or 11) out of the 17 people running.

How many polls would you include as you tried to thin the herd? Should cheaper, less-rigorous Internet polls dilute the more expensive – and therefore less abundant – polls with solid methodology? Should candidates with a certain percentage be allowed to participate, or should the number of participants be capped?

See for yourself how much power the news networks wield by deciding who makes the main stage for their debates – and how hard it is. Make your own debate rules below!