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Donald Trump was a little, well, un-Trump on Jimmy Fallon [Video]

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Donald Trump was a little, dare we say, understated in his interview with Jimmy Fallon on Friday. Sure, the ego and the bombast were there, as was the talk about getting the best "deals" -- but in less-Trumpy doses.

The GOP front-runner was somewhat soft-spoken and even a little, well, self-aware.

At one point, Trump even uttered that he didn't want "to be bragging about" his business record. Trump? Not bragging?

He said Hillary Clinton has "had a tough time" with her e-mail server issues and almost seemed genuine when he said, "I feel terribly about it. Honestly, it's tough stuff."

Fallon even did a "speed round" with Trump, in which Trump joked about his penchant for changing his mind about his presidential campaign opponents. “Kanye [West] is actually –- and I know him a little bit -– he’s actually a much better person than some people would think. Now if he runs for office and I happen to be running against him, I’m going to take that back.”

And then they talked about preparing for next week's GOP presidential debate. Trump even said he gets a little nervous. Who is this guy?

Could we be seeing Trump 2.0?