The end game

Over the course of the warm-up debate on Wednesday, it was Lindsey Graham who generated the most interest from people who visited Google to learn more about the candidates.

Bobby Jindal also closed well, but over the course of the debate Graham led for nearly the entire time. Rick Santorum, who was the Republican runner-up in 2012, generated relatively little attention.

Here's how they ended.

What did people want to know about? The top searches, by candidate -- excluding names by themselves are presented below, without comment.

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Bobby Jindal
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Rick Santorum
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Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham got in several quips during the undercard GOP debate.

Hour 2: Lindsey Graham wants a drink

Lindsey Graham dominated the first hour of the CNN tier-two debate -- but not as much the second.

The peak in searches for the candidates came for Graham, though, after his critiques of Hillary Clinton ("Where the hell were you on the night of the Benghazi attack?") and his amusing take on intra-party politics: The president needs to drink more with people.

It's worth noting, though, what people are actually searching. This is a full list of the rising searches for the candidates, unedited, at an early point in the debate.

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Voters are all focused on the issues.

Hour 1: All Lindsey

Between the first Republican debate and this one, Lindsey Graham got fired up. Over the course of the first hour of the warm-up/undercard/kiddie-table debate, Graham landed a lot of the strongest punches -- and was rewarded for it with people heading to Google to learn more about him.

Google offers minute-by-minute data on what people are searching for, and during that first hour, it was Graham, whose first debate was roundly described as sleepy.

Each candidate got a little spike when he offered his introductory comments, but Graham got the biggest spike when he was addressing the moderators' questions about the rise of presidential candidates who haven't served in office.

Bobby Jindal got some attention as well, particularly during his back-and-forth with Graham over immigration. You can see the Google searches spike as each spoke.

Graham also dominated the conversation on social media, too, according to our partners at Zignal Labs.

A critical caveat: Graham also saw the biggest single spike during the first undercard debate. It didn't do him much good in the polls.