Gallup made some word clouds showing what terms people most associate with the leading presidential candidates from both parties.

For Donald Trump, who is about to enter his third month atop the Republican field, the most common word was "immigration."

Those are the words chosen by all voters, but among Republicans, there wasn't much difference.

For Hillary Clinton? "E-mails." (And "e-mail." And "e-mail scandal.")

Now, you would be forgiven for thinking that this was not very good news for Clinton. After all, last month she said that voters don't care about the e-mail server issue. So, broadly, it's true that this is hardly ideal.

But let's compare that with the terms that were offered up most often by respondents to a Quinnipiac survey last month. We've made a word cloud out of those, too.

This is a slightly different question. Quinnipiac asked "the first word that comes to mind" when the name of the candidate is mentioned, while Gallup asked "tell me what you have heard about" the candidate (which also means that Clinton's claim that voters don't care about the issue isn't necessarily contradicted). But still! Clinton would no doubt rather have everyone thinking "e-mail" than thinking "liar." Liar appears in the Gallup word cloud, but it's far smaller.

Trump's Gallup word cloud was far more positive than Clinton's. After all, he's thrilled to have people associate him with the immigration issue. But here's the Trump word cloud from Quinnipiac.

In other words, both of the leading candidates are probably more likely to prefer Gallup's iteration.