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This guy’s Bernie Sanders impression is pretty great [Video]

Yesterday afternoon, in Hollywood, a man who was decidedly not Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) appeared on Comedy Central's @Midnight, Chris Hardwick's game show in which comedians riff on memes in order to "win the Internet."

There was no ruse, really; James Adomian, who frequently calls into comedy podcasts as "Gary Busey" or  "Jesse Ventura" or "George W. Bush," has been perfecting a Sanders impression for months. But Hardwick played right along with it.

"Appearing at the Seabrook, New Hampshire, town meeting on September 20th, and the pancake breakfast at the Laughing Moose in Burlington on September 21st, it's Bernie Sanders!" he said, thanking the "senator" for agreeing to do the show on a day's notice.

"There's not a lot of television shows that offer me airtime, so I just said yes," said Adomian-as-Sanders, before ripping into the economic unfairness of the game show. "Over 50 percent of the points on this program go to the top 1 percent of comedians who come on this program!"

A warning that the below video contains some explicit -- albeit bleeped -- content.

The extended episode, viewable for free online, portrayed "Sanders" as a proudly out-of-touch socialist, who "built a Vine" that actually consisted of a long video, and whose idea for an anti-Trump slogan was borrowed from 1970s "Saturday Night Live" sketches.

In a round asking contestants to come up with new citizenship tests, "Sanders" suggested people "submit a personal essay describing your most recent hallucinogenic experience" and "summarize the Constitution using only emojis" -- which he for some reason insisted upon pronouncing as if it were a Spanish word.